Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs are a simple way to cut back on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. This video from GE and our partners at DoItBest can show you a number of reasons why you should make the switch to more energy-efficient bulbs. These GE products, as well as other energy-efficient light bulbs, can be found at Black Lumber.

If every home in the country replaced one 100-watt light bulb with a CFL (compact fluorescent lamp), enough energy would be saved to light over 3 million homes for a year.

Recent legislation is seeking to phase out traditional incandescent light bulbs by slowly stopping the manufacture of traditional 100-watt, 75-watt, and 40-60 watt bulbs. This phase out will encourage home- and business-owners to begin replacing all of their light bulbs with energy-saving CFLs and can save consumers over $40 billion over the next 20 years.

A wide range of energy-efficient light bulbs can be found at Black Lumber that provide you with the same lighting and style options as traditional incandescent bulbs, so you don’t have to sacrifice style and preference to help protect the environment and save money!

These energy-efficient bulbs use technologies that enable them to run off lower wattages while still producing the same amount of light, so you can keep your home bright and beautiful while saving money on your energy bill.

Stop by Black Lumber today to pick from our large selection of energy-efficient lighting and start saving on your energy bills right away. Your wallet, and your planet, will thank you!

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