Brush Removal Basics

Brush can easily make a great yard look shabby, but having it removed by a professional can be costly. Our partners at DoItBest produced this helpful video about how you can properly remove brush from your yard on your own. Here are a few of the key points so you can get started on cleaning up your yard today:

  • Before beginning any shrub removal, check the area for any power lines. If there are any present, contact the utility company for help. Also call 811 or visit before starting to be sure that you don’t cut into any underground utility lines.
  • Supplies you will likely need include a pair of bypass loppers, a bow saw or curved pruning saw, a shovel, and a hatchet. You also want to be sure you have a pair of thick work gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself from injury while you work. All of these products and more can be found at Black Lumber.
  • Using the bypass loppers and saw, start cutting away the shrub a little at a time, especially for larger or more tree-like shrubs. Remove any of the outer branches until you get the shrub down to a manageable size.
  • Using a shovel with a good, sharp blade, begin digging a little way out from the stump edges and dig all the way around. If you encounter any thicker roots, use your hatchet to cut through them.
  • Once you’ve dug all the way around your shrub, use the trunk of the shrub for leverage to rock it back and forth and loosen it from the ground and free the root ball, and then pull out the shrub.
  • Once you’ve removed the shrub from the hole, remove as much soil as you can from the root ball to refill the hole. You might need to purchase extra soil to finish filling the hole.
  • After the hole is filled, tamp down the soil. Now you’re ready to cover the soil with mulch or grass seed, or whatever you plan to use to cover the area. See our post on Scotts Grass Seed to find the grass seed that will grow best in your yard.

Black Lumber is your source for all your home improvement needs and remember… all the DoItBest products in this video can be ordered online and either shipped here for pickup or shipped directly to you.


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